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Fishing for... fish!


I just want to thank howtodateinlv for nominating me this award! It is my first award on WordPress and I was really touched to be nominated. I really hope that everyone enjoys my posts – I am starting to feel that dating is my second full time job! Aside from that, I really know where howtodateinlv is coming from – I lived in Las Vegas for a year and it is definitely the worst place in the world to date. Her posts always crack me up!

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Very funny stuff!

Fishing for... fish!


I have just returned from my much (overly) anticipated date with The Adonis. I was expecting better – or maybe I just wasn’t expecting someone who calls himself “The Adonis” to drive a girl car and have a pet kitten named “Maddie”. I think that The Adonis is now the unofficial crazy cat lady of  online dating.

It’s bush fire season in Oz at the moment – so the authorities have banned the public from entering most of the national parks meaning that our planned hike up the Blue Mountains fell by the wayside. Only realizing this when I arrived, we decided on a quick lunch at Outback Steakhouse to start off. The conversation was great and we have a similar sense of humor. I have to say that I really enjoyed his company. He was just probably a little too much into his weight training than I would like – complete with singlet – urgh…

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Time for a change!

On my way to a job interview in Dublin 7 now. Apparently excellent conditions and pay so fingers crossed!
Also got another offer for a job in my friend’s new consultancy’s company. Four hours each Monday just to take a few calls and make tea! Thank you 🙂
I have turned into a complete workaholic. I seem to be making up for lost time! If I get this job I’ll be working seven days a week- I’m scared I’ll burn out eventually!
Nevertheless it’s money, which is hard to come by in Ireland 2013